Friday, December 02, 2005

Denisse's Poem

What's up everybody! This is Denisse and I just wanted to post up one of my poems. Respond if you like.

Ode to Racism

How can one be portrayed to be beautiful, yet have such a hideous soul?
Like evil demons, you had us shipped on a boat. . .
Our children went overboard, and so did we.
Your authority intimidates me; you know exactly what I’m talking about. . .
You would look at me with eyes of fire that could control my every move.
I remember that day you took my mother away from me. . .
It was our very last day.
That day, my eyes remained swollen from the tears that could no longer be held back.
You were powerful enough to have my people:
Snap, and
Deteriorate into ashes of
Important history.
But whenever your ‘white power’ discouraged us,
We would sing our way back to the road. . .
The road to freedom where you would no longer exist. . .
Well, at least that’s what we hoped for.
You were too ubiquitous to get rid of.
Up north, your presence seemed to be sneaky. . .
Down south, you always walked proudly.
Have you destined us to rot with nothing to live for?
Nope, I don’t think so.
We’ve come a long way. . .
From getting stung by fire hoses,
To being able to sit wherever we pleased
For centuries, your hatred has been quite overwhelming!
Thanks a lot, if it weren’t for your ignorance, M.L.K. Day would not exist.
Neither would his beautiful dream.
Was it all a dream?


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