Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Youth Action Research Group
DC Youth UNITE!!!
For a JUST Immigration Reform

Date: Monday, April 10th
Place: Malcolm X Park, 16th St and Euclid
Time: 12:00 to 3:00 Youth Rally
3:00 (SHARP!) March to the Monument
(make signs & banners, learn chants, and be interviewed for our radio show!)

Call YARG at 202-462-5767 for more information
(see flyer attached!!)

Whats up DC youth, youth workers, allies/adults who support DC young people!
We have been working hard pounding the pavement, doing presentations in our classes, talking to youth in our school lunch rooms - - inviting them to come out to a youth rally this coming Monday, April 10th ** see above for details. We met with youth from all up and down the East coast this weekend and we are coordinating our rally with youth from other cities who are organizing ACROSS THE NATION!!!

We need your help! to help get the word out. Come out to Malcolm X park on Monday, Bring your friends, and help spread the word to other DC youth and adults who believe in social justice and the rights of all human beings to work for a better life for themselves and their families.

Hundreds of thousands of people will be taking it to the streets this Monday in cities ACROSS THE NATION to protest against a hateful, racist bill currently being debated in congress (HR 4437) that if passed into law would criminalize 11 million human beings living in the US who are 'undocumented' and the organizations that help them (that means YARG!).

We are organizing to STOP these bills and to help pass JUST immigration reform, including a bill that will be reintroduced to the House of Representatives this Thursday - the DREAM Act - which would enable 65,000 students per year, who under current law are unable to go to college, to go to college and earn legal status (see attached fact sheet for more details).

As it is now, people have been living 'undocumented' in the US working hard, oftentimes doing backbreaking labor under unsafe conditions for very little pay to provide for their families because of poor economic conditions in their home countries, due in large part to US foreign policy.

Students in DC, for whom DC is our home, have been working hard in our classes to graduate from high school. We need this bill to become a law so that DC students who have earned our right to go to college will be supported in acheiving our dreams.

Danielle, Jose A., LaKeisha, Denisse, Judith, Aqiyla, Jose L., Margherita, Tim, Deja, Calix, Carlos, Nate, Stephanie, Sandra, and everyone else we don't have time to list!

Thanks for your support - see you on the streets!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please everyone support this bill go march for this bill to be passed i live in Boynton Beach Florida i am a legal citizen now in the USA but many of my friends are being detained from scholarships and colleges because of the immigration issues. Please Help pass this bill!!!Aranzazu Uranga

April 27, 2007 10:16 PM  

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