Thursday, March 09, 2006

YARG Stands Against Immigrant Discrimination

By Jose Andrade, Age 19

It's sometimes hard to believe that a country
which was founded by immigrants, has lawmakers that continually put forth discriminatory laws that are created to constrict future immigrants freedom. Then again this is America, a country that finds it more important to investigate a presidential sexual affair than the rising actions that would bring forth the great act of inhumanity that took place during the Rwandan genocide.

I'm not surprised that a Bill like HR4437 would make it to the Senate. Back in 1882 when the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed, Chinese immigrants were not allowed to enter the United States for nearly thirty years. In my opinion, this really captures the attitudes America has toward it's non Anglo-Saxon visitors.

On March 7, 2006 an estimated 20,000 immigrants and citizens of all shades joined together in a rally to show that they will not tolerate harsh/discriminatory immigration laws. The rally was organized primarily by the National Capital Immigration Coalition, with organizational members from the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area, and with the help of local organizations to publicize the rally like Neighbor's Consejo, Bell Multicultural High School, and YARG.

The rally was monumental; it captured the power of organizing. I was really impressed by the dedication people took to put together this event to support the immigrant community in America.

(Jose Andrade, Local Youth Organizer for YARG helps Bell Student Carolina put on a YARG solidarity armband)

Though, I'm happy that this rally came to be, I'm saddened because I feel like it's going to be necessary to organize other rallys because of America's recent attitudes toward immigrants.

I think that people that want these laws to pass like the Minutemen need to see the contribution that immigrants have given to this country's economy. I don't understand how is it that the Minutemen argue that immigrants are taking their jobs when all they do day long is harass people. Talk about having time in their hands.


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