Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rwanda: GenocideThe Western World Ignored

By Jose Andrade, Age 19

A few weeks ago, I watched a movie called Hotel Rwanda for my social ethics class. The movie is based on the massive genocide in Rwanda.

The genocide was the result of cultural tension between the majority Hutus and the minority Tutsis.

The genocide happened in April 1994 and in the span of 3 months 800,000 Tutsis were eliminated.

After watching the movie I was really pissed off and upset that the Western super-powers, again, did nothing to stop the violence in foreign lands.

I can't believe that America and all of Europe and the U.N decided not to intervene in the chaos.

It makes me furious to know that I live in a world where there are heartless politicians that ignore the suffering of people and children.

It's even more disturbing that the Western powers only intervene to help the citizens (mostly white) out of the danger. I don’t understand the inhumane ways of the Western World.

I'm writing this piece because I want people to remember the ones lost in Rwanda and next time, in the future (or even now in Sudan), the world will lend an ear to hear the suffering and that way something can be done.

800,000 Eternal, Until the Bell Ring. - For the Victims, I’m sorry the world didn’t hear your cries..

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Are They Related ll ?

YARG Staff member Aqiyla and ... Naomi Campbell?
Syke, just kidding about that one

Usher and... the Troll

Eve and ... Rick James?

Monday, February 06, 2006

DC School Moderinization Campaign

By Denisse Rodriguez

Hey what's up this is Denisse. I haven't been around in a while, but I'm back.

First of all, I would like to congratulate the Youth Education Alliance, DC students, parents, and teachers for the wonderful job of organizing the rally for the DC School Moderinization Campaign!

For those who haven't heard of it, there was a rally in support of full funding for DCPS last Friday the 3rd. The Youth Education Alliance, also known as YEA, is a youth led organization that focuses on the improvements of the conditions and services of DCPS.

The reason why I'm so happy for them is because they're one of our (YARG's) allies, and it's good to know that we all, in some way, are making changes for the better of our city. It's really important for our city to know our priorities. It should be the funding for better schools in the Nation's Capital, not the funding for silly old baseball in the Nation's Capital.

For the baseball fans in support of the stadium, you have to understand where I'm coming from. I come from a Dominican family that loves baseball, but what makes more sense? The future of baseball in D.C. or the future of our kids in D.C.?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Whos Snitchin

By LaKeisha McKinley

All over, people are beginning to wear Stop Snitching Shirts. Most would think of it to be nothing but it is really bothering police officers and other city officials.

In this city verbalizing what you see has become a no no. Meaning that people don't trust the system and they feel like it would be a betrayal to the community. What has happened is that police officers of the inner city area have made themselves untrustworthy by being dirty cops and treating the lower class less than human. In todays society it is looked down upon to even speak to a police officer.

Snitchin is defined many ways by different people. It is a word that can be very argumentative. Lots of people use snitching as a way of pay back to someone they dislike, or they use it as a get out of jail free card. A person who does this is the most identifiable snitch. A person who snitches is despised because the people around them feel betrayed by one of their own people.

Lots of people think it's wrong to withhold information from the police, especially if it could help an investigation. Others may argue that, especially a person who was raised that it is wrong to do such a thing.

Mothers of children may say that they want the person who saw their child get killed to say something. Then on the other hand the mother of the child who is accused of the crime may feel totally different about the situation. So either way you look at it the person with the information is at risk, if they tell, socially, physically, and mentally. Snitchin is assesed by each individual situation.

These shirts have opened a door and a reason for police to say something to inner city kids of the hip hop culture. These shirts just state freedom of expression which the constitution is supposed to protect.

In all actuality, these are just words which state an opinion and they are being given to much credit for the crimes being committed in the area. Some police officers are using this fashion statement as a crutch and a reason to harass youth. This problem is highlighted in the bay area but is happening in the inner city of Washington DC.